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Snug is a free application which works on iPhone or Android Cell Phones that checks in every day to make sure you're okay. Over 10,000,000 check ins and counting! Featured in The AARP Magazine, The New Yorker, Sixty + Me, and Senior Home Central

Basic Plan (free): If you miss your daily check-in, Snug will send a text message to each of your emergency contacts with your last known location. It is up to them to reach out to you to make sure you’re ok. It can also notify your contact by email that you have checked in for today. The basic version is 100% free and without ads.

Dispatch Plan ($9.99/mo or $99.99/yr): On the paid version of Snug, if you miss your check-in time, a Snug dispatcher will call your cell phone to ask if you’re alright. If you do not answer, they will call your emergency contacts to ask someone to check in on you. If the dispatcher is unable to get confirmation that someone will look in on you, they will request a wellness check. This is where a local authority such as the police, fire department or emergency medical services visit your last known location or home address.

A Woman Named Jan

Jan isn't your typical retiree. She's biked in all 50 states and runs her own walking group (and walks 6 miles per day!) where she lives in The Villages, Florida. She's a tech wiz who loves her iPhone and Apple Watch, and even teaches classes to help other retirees learn how to use their smartphones.

Jan is in excellent spirits, but shares many of the same concerns that other single retirees have. Living alone, with a health condition, she worries about what might happen if she has a medical emergency. Because of her heart condition, and a history of seizures, it's possible that she might not be able to call for help. It might be multiple days before anyone notices – by the time help arrives, it may be too late.

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              John 10:30
"I and my Father are one." John 10:30 KJV

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