John 10:30

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God's Children Are Not For Sale

"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." Luke 17:2 KJV Aramaic
Luke 17:2 Aramaic, The Language of Jesus

Listen to Jim Caviezel recite "The Lord's Prayer" in Aramaic.

Child Trafficking is an abomination to God, and is an offensive stain on America's Honor especially for those of us who served honorably in the United States Military. Please go the movie theater and watch the "Sound of Freedom" and end this horrific nightmare for almost four million children.

“The United States is the biggest buyer of trafficking pedophilia in the world, and Mexico being the biggest producer of it, with over 300,000 children being taken into the United States under the age of 18.” It looks like a good fight to pick” Jim Caviezel

Steve Gregg's Bible Teachings Verse By Verse

"Showing how to think, not what to think - about the Bible." - Steve Gregg

Steve Greg's Bible Teaching Verse By Verse is on his website, "The Narrow Path"

The Laws, Rules and Boundaries Are to Keep Us Safe and Happy

Caring Parents place rules and boundaries for their children. We love them and want them to be safe and happy. When children break the rules or leave the set boundaries often times bad things happen. Parents have no desire to punish their children; however, if rules are broken parents will assign a life lesson. There are some lines that parents never want their children to cross because it can result in injury and even death. If a child drinks alcohol and drives a car and has a fatal accident, their parents didn't want that to happen; however, Nature's laws has built-in punishments.

Our Father in Heaven has given us rules to live by because he too wants us to be safe and happy. If we break the rules and cross certain boundaries we too face punishment because again, we broke Natural Law. We put ourselves in danger and this also carries over to people around us.

So far I have talked about our children and ourselves as the children of God; however, I believe that nations end up getting punished also because the nation has crossed the line. I am a firm believer that when Natures Laws are violated and the people accept these bad things, they have set themselves to receive punishment. This punishment may or may not come directly from our Father, but we have broken Nature's Laws or Natural Law.

What is Nature's law and Natural Law?

"St. Paul wrote that God's moral law, part of the Natural Law, is "written on the heart" of each individual. We intuitively know that we have the option of right and wrong behavior because God imprinted this information into our consciousness from the start. But we know from experience and observation that the moral law written on each individual heart is not always perceived or acted upon correctly."

Our Founding Fathers who wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution understood Nature's Laws and Natural Laws. History demonstrates when Democratic societies ignore these Laws they soon lose their God-given Freedoms. Do we honestly believe that children who are sold into slavery and sex slavery isn't a violation of Nature's Law and then discard them as we would trash. We are not immune.

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"I and my Father are one." John 10:30 KJV

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